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Simple options with transparent pricing.

Our goal is to demystify how design services are priced. We also provide way more value than any traditional design or architecture service, because we deploy our digital suite of products.

So, we did just that with simple unit pricing with the metrics that builders & developers use. Our services & products are priced on an à la carte basis so our customers can get exactly what they need.

Wooden Planks

Your Plans.

We create a BILTtwin &  BILTbom to optimize your current designs.

New Designs.

We work together to develop digital product designs & provide everything you need to build.


We offer a series of product designs digitally packaged & ready to build.

Single family.

Pricing is based on production level homes with multiple plan types.

Multifamily (low-rise).

Multiple unit configurations provided in each category above.
Includes Digibilt's full product lineup.

Multifamily (mid-rise).

1. Pricing assumes 4-story wood construction.
2. Multiple unit mix & configurations as directed by customer requirements.
3. Pricing excludes engineering services.
4. Project specific pricing provided for over 150 units or alternate construction types.
Includes Digibilt's full product lineup.


1. Placemaking services include presenting multiple community configurations.
2. Project specific pricing provided for more challenging sites such as those with major topography.
3. Project specific pricing provided for over 200 units.

Questions about our pricing?

We'd love to hear from you.

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