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Our suite of products.

We offer a suite of products that elevate product design, reduce material waste, increase labor productivity, integrate supply chain, and de-risk capital investment.

The Digibilt Way

We digitize everything.

Digital technology is used throughout our suite of products to simplify the building process & help the industry build great homes, faster, and at a lower cost.

Our products are integrated by using a digital thread from the initial product design, through placemaking & construction verification, concluding with supporting the long-term homeownership experience with our BILTid.

DIGIBILT Way - Exploded Axo - With Linework.jpg




Our BILTtwin is at the core of what we do. It's the DNA of the home that builders will sell, build & stand behind.

Everything is engineered & coordinated in the BILTtwin before it's built on site. Imagine what problems this will eliminate.

Digital Twin.jpg




Our BILTbom is a digitally precise Bill Of Materials (BOM) to order exactly what is needed for construction.

It's the trusted source of data used to facilitate integrating the supply chain & trades. Of note, a typical production builder home has about 18,000 pieces of material & 550 Stock Keeping Units (SKUs).


bilt cd.jpg


Our BILTcd is a simplified & digitally coordinated set of construction documents. These CDs are easy for the trades to use, thereby driving labor productivity gains. 

As former builders, we understand the challenges of bidding, permitting & building from a bloated, uncoordinated set of construction documents.




Our BILTverify digitally compares what's been built to the BILTtwin. This technology pulls it all together, from the front-end design & purchasing to the back-end of construction.

The BILTverify technology can ensure materials are being used as specified & hold the trades accountable.


bilt id.jpg


Our BILTid improves the homeownership experience & enhances the home's value. It provides a competitive advantage for builders by delivering a high level of transparency that homeowners love.

Wouldn't new homeowners love to know everything about one of the most important purchases of their life?


Questions about our products?

We'd love to hear from you.

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