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Our Store.

We are bringing E-Commerce to the housing industry!  Simply hop online to the Digibilt Store, select a product design & then download everything you need to build. 


Imagine, not having to hire a traditional architect at $ XX k per home design, spend months on the design/value engineering/re-design process & only get a 2-D set of plans that are not Designed-to-Manufacture.  Further, imagine the time & money you will save.

For builders.

Better, faster, lower cost
product solution.

Interested in becoming a pilot user before our grand opening?

For developers.

Faster entitlements & lot sales velocity.

Interested in finding out how this bold claim is possible?

For supply chain.

Drive product usage & gain data rich insight.

Interested in featuring your products in our store?

Sneak preview.

Our digital Store & product lineup is currently being built & will open Late 2023.  In the meantime, here’s a sneak preview of what builders & developers get access to for $250/month.  We offer a series of builder centric product designs that are digitally packaged & ready to build.


Our product lineup.

Our product lineup is organized based on home types that production builders  build & coordinated with standard lot sizes that master developers offer.

We understand that product type is mainly driven by lot widths & garage orientations.  



Way more,
for less cost.

Digibilt product suite.

bilt cd.jpg
bilt id.jpg

Builders & developers can select a product design from our digital Store & they'll  get everything they need to build, including Digibilt’s full suite of products.

Our customers get way more, for less cost than any traditional design/build approach.


An online shopping experience.

We are creating an online shopping experience for builders & developers.  Imagine picking your favorite home product designs & clicking the “add to cart” button.


We’re looking for direct feedback on our work-in-progress to create the best user-experience possible.  If you’re interested in providing feedback or becoming a pilot user, please let us know.

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