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Our story.

We are a diverse collection of talented people who were a bit frustrated by the non-digitized, status-quo approach of how homes are designed & built, as well as how the homeowner’s long-term living experience is supported.

Simply put, our purpose is to digitize the housing industry so builders & developers can build great homes, faster, at a lower cost.  Further, our technology enabled approach helps to deliver an amazing living experience to the people who purchase homes from our customers.

Digibilt was founded on August 16, 2017, to bring positive change to the industry by leveraging digital technology.  We have a tech startup culture & continue to attract amazing talent to help us accomplish our purpose.

Wooden House

Our team.

Good to Great is a world-renowned business book & one of our favorites. It proclaims the first thing you need to do to transform your company's performance is to get the right people on the bus. That said, we've got some great people on our bus.

Interested in joining out team?

We have great opportunities.

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