Building Simplified.
Building Digitized.

Digibilt digitizes & automates the building process to reduce material waste & increase labor productivity.

Service & Software

Over 30% profit increase

experienced by early adopters

How we simplify building


You provide the 2D plans, we’ll do the rest


Get real-time labor productivity tracking


Save time and money - increase profit

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We come from the industry and believe there are 3 major problems to solve:

  1. Builders don’t build houses, their trade partners do.
  2. The industry doesn’t know what it doesn’t track.
  3. The industry is complex, and every house is different.

We support the entire
building life cycle

By providing tangible value to builders. Not just at the start, but throughout the entire building process. Our service and software are designed to improve every phase of construction:

It’s like a VIN for your car

A BILTid is issued for every home constructed using Digibilt’s software. By digitizing your plans, we know all the materials and specifications. Then our software automatically tracks every aspect of the building process, including the products, how and when they were installed and by whom. This data is carefully organized and easily accessible from the cloud.

Having a BILTid provides builders a competitive advantage and an unparalleled level of transparency for its customers. The BILTid also improves the homeownership experience, because a consumer will know everything about their new home and how to maintain it. Simply put, the home will be more valuable.