We’re simplifying, digitizing and disrupting the housing industry.

The Backstory

For Digibilt’s core team, this isn’t a new idea. Our first venture into software enabling the construction industry was in 1999 – leading to tangible results. Our product was so groundbreaking, Harvard conducted a case study on its functionality that documented a 43% time savings and 19% cost-savings. Sadly, though, after this initial success – our dream wasn’t realized, because of timing.

In reality, we discovered we were ahead of our time, as mobile, BIM and other technologies weren’t nearly as advanced as they are today. The good news is WE NEVER GAVE UP and the industry has never been more primed for a disruptor to shake things up. We got the “band” back together, refined our technology – yielding a couple of patents pending – and most importantly, we’re delivering tangible benefits to our customers throughout North America.

Building Simplified. Building Digitized.


Simplify, digitize and disrupt the housing industry to deliver tangible results to builders.

Our Team

John McLinden

President & CEO

Greg Pacholski

Chairman & COO

Matt Schaefer

Chief Financial Officer (acting)

Chris Chapel

Chief Technology Officer

Angela Vanegas

Vice President, Technology

Nancy McLinden

Vice President, Operations

Kevin Kazimer

Vice President, Assembly Engineering

Thomas Simpson

Director, BIM Technology

Mary Danaher

Director, Administration

Nick Ivaniv

BIM Expert

Board Members & Advisors

Clark Ellis
Construction Management
Milfred Hammerbacher
Renewable Energy
Anthony Iatarola
Mark LaLiberte
Building Science
Tony Palcheck
Venture Capital
Sam Rashkin
Net Zero Energy Housing
Troy Triphahn
Casey Wold
Real Estate