We know the three major problems facing the industry, because we’ve been around the block.

Builders don’t build houses, their trade partners do.

    Highly fragmented

  • 20+ trades and 40+ suppliers are all in their own silos

  • Little transparency

  • The ecosystem has limited access to information and no incentives to share

  • No common language

  • There are no standards or communication protocols

  • Interests are not aligned

  • Pervasive “low bidder wins” approach puts the ecosystem at odds

Our Solution

Use Digibilt's technology platform to provide automation, information and transparency to the entire ecosystem to simplify the building process.

The industry doesn’t know what it doesn’t track.

    Everything in the House

  • All details, the products, how & when they were installed and by whom

  • "Ghost Town" Impact

  • Major delays because workforce does not show up

  • Material Waste

  • There is an estimated 15% material waste

  • Labor Productivity

  • Building industry has worst labor productivity vs. other industries

Our Solution

Track everything about the home building process and use this data to reduce material waste, increase labor productivity and optimize staff time.

The industry is complex, and every home is different.

    As an example, one of our customer's 75 home communities includes

  • 1,200 SKUs

  • 2M pieces of material

  • 20+ trades

  • 40+ suppliers

  • 35,000 labor hours

  • 1,500 inspections

Our Solution

Capture all complex information to improve future product design and operational performance.

Digibilt enables you to build smarter, reduce material waste & increase labor productivity.